Our flow cytometry facility has two cytometry systems:

  • BD FACSAria Cell Sorting System
  • BD FACSCalibur System

These multipurpose flow cytometers are capable of both cell analysis and cell sorting. They are fully integrated multi-parameter systems for multi-parameter data acquisition and analysis.

BD FACSAria Cell Sorting System

Our high speed FACSAria cell sorter features the following:
   -  Three air-cooled lasers at 488-nm (blue), 633-nm
      (red), and 405-nm (violet) wavelengths
   -  Digital acquisition rates of up to 70,000
   -  Multicolor analysis for up to 9 parameters
   -  Two- and four-way bulk sorting devices for a variety
      of tube sizes
   -  Optional Automated Cell Deposition Unit (ACDU) for
      sorting to BD™ multiwell plates or microscope slides
   -  BD™ Aerosol Management Option System

BD FACSCalibur System

Our FACSCalibur features the following:
   -  Dual lasers
   -  Four-color fluorescence capability
   -  BD FACStationTM System Data Management System
   -  Flexible and modular for future upgrades

Flow Cytometry Facility Services

  •    -  Cell sorting (full performance, training/assisted
  •    -  All FACS applications listed above (full performance,
          training/assisted performance, user performance)
  •    -  Guide/help researches set up experiments,
          experimental template (plots, gating) for flow studies

Core Procedures: Cell Sorting

Cell Sorting Guidelines



A flow cytometer dot plot

Danny Cao, Research Technician, in discussion with
Jenny Zhao, the Core Director.