The Synthetic Chemistry Core Laboratory was added to the Wellman center in June 2009.  The chemistry core provides services in synthetic as well as analytical chemistry to researchers at the Wellman center and beyond. 

The chemistry core is equipped with:
       -  Equipment for custom synthesis
       -  A gas chromatograph (GC)
       -  A Bruker 300 MHz NMR magnet
       -  A Bruker Microflex MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer
       -  HPLC Systems for normal and reversed phase chromatography

Analysis and Purification. Our HPLC’s are equipped with C18 reverse phase columns for analytical and prep scale separations.  The photodiode array and refractive index  detectors cover a full 200 – 800 nm wavelength detection range

Chemical Synthesis.  The core is fully equipped for multi-step organic synthesis.  These services are provided free of charge to the researchers at the Wellman center.  We envision collaborating with other chemistry core laboratories in the Boston area to provide custom solutions for individual problems

NMR spectroscopy. A 300 MHz Bruker NMR magnet will provide capabilities such as:
       -  1D and 2D NMR spectroscopy
       -  Variable temperature NMR
       -  Heteronuclear NMR
       -  Kinetics studies
       -  Diffusion ordered spectroscopy
We will also provide NMR services to researchers outside the Wellman center on a pay-per-sample basis

Mass Spectroscopy.  Our Bruker Microflex MALDI-TOF system is versatile in analysis of samples ranging from small molecules to large proteins and polymers.  Only a few micrograms of analyte is typically required.  The instrument is equipped with both linear and reflector detectors capable of sequence analysis of peptides

Brijesh Bhayana
Director of
Synthetic Chemistry Lab

Edwards Research Bldg.
Room 205
Phone  617-643-0035