Our histology facility is equipped with:
     -  Automated tissue processor (ThermoShandon
         Hypercenter XP)
     -  Tissue-Tek Embedding Console (Sakura
         Finetek 4708)
     -  Microm Cryostat (Thermo Scientific
         Microm HM 550)
     -  Leitz Microtome (Dawson 1512)
     -  Microm Microtome (Fisher HM325A)

Histopathology services include:
     -  Tissue processing
     -  Tissue embedding
     -  Tissue sectioning (paraffin, frozen)
     -  H&E staining
     -  Special staining (Fontana Masson, Masson
         Trichrome, LDH, PicroSirius Red, Verhoft-Van
         Gieson VME, and Muller-Mowry Colloidal Iron)

We will guide and help researchers to set up experiments such as IHC and/or other types of special staining

Core Procedures

Tissue Preparation for Frozen Blocks
Tissue fixation with Formalin (for paraffin blocks)

Service Turn-Around-Time (TAT)
Routine histology projects:
1) 1-2 weeks TAT: small projects, <10 specimens, <100 slides, up to 2 projects received at the same time
2) 2-4 weeks moderate sized projects (10-20 specimens, 100-200 slides) and large sized projects (>20 specimens, >200 slides). The TAT maybe even longer depending on how difficult it is to cut the tissue sections (also tissue treatment: de-cal, Dissect Aid)

NOTE: If multiple moderate and large projects received within 1-2 weeks, the work will be done in the order of project requisition form #. The TAT will be longer for projects submitted latest. Sometimes we will move a few small projects forward to catch TAT, instead of letting everyone wait.

Special stain (including IHC):
2-3 weeks: For small projects. The TAT for moderate and large projects will be longer (also depending on whether Antibody optimization is needed, and how busy Photopath is with routine histology projects)

TEM Project: primary/secondary fixing, processing, EPON embedding, diamond knife semi thin sectioning and ultrathin sectioning, staining, and on TEM scope:
1) 2-3 weeks: for <10 specimens (also depends on routine histology projects)
2) 4-5 weeks: for >10 specimens (also depends on routine histology projects)
3) 1-2 months: multiple projects received: (also depends on routine histology projects)

William Meng, Research Technologist, cutting frozen
sections using the Thermo HM550 Microm Cryostat

H&E section: mouse skin tumor tissue after laser