Wellman’s central interest in light-mediated technology has translated into world-renowned programs in biomedical laser technology and applications, paradigm shifting optical imaging technology for diagnosis and treatment guidance, and development and application of light-activated drugs for precisely targeted, minimally invasive treatment of disease. The successful development and application of novel biomedical technologies requires input from a multi-disciplinary research team, a Wellman strength. Being situated in the midst of one of the world’s premier academic medical centers provides the clinical connections essential for testing prototype instruments and technology.

Virtually all Wellman investigators are engaged in some level of technology development as part of their overall research programs. Some of the most substantial projects are occurring in the laboratories of Rox Anderson, Brett Bouma, Tayyaba Hasan, Seemantini Nadkarni, Ben Vakoc and Andy Yun.

An ultra miniature endoscope, developed by Drs. Tearney and Bouma, was voted one of the World’s Top Ten Technologies in 2007 by the International Academy of Sciences.