Research Technician (Photodynamic therapy/Imaging/Cancer Research)
Department: Wellman Center for Photomedicine
Employer: Massachusetts General Hospital
Posted 4-5-22

A paid research technician position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Tayyaba Hasan at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. The position will be multidisciplinary and will have research focus in the application areas of laser/light-activated therapies for cancer and other diseases. If hired, the student will have a tremendous opportunity to work with numerous experts in the fields of tumor biology, biophysics, imaging, and cancer therapeutics, and will be exposed to a variety of multi-disciplinary research techniques. In general, the techniques will be in the area of biophysics and chemistry. The candidate will also have opportunity to work with animal samples (in vivo and in vitro) and clinical samples and may get exposure to clinical trials as well. Interest/Exposure in animal handling will be helpful. Familiarity with computer and related skills, MATLAB coding and biomedical softwares will be desirable.
This is an ideal position for students between college graduation and the start of graduate or medical school. Candidates must be energetic and enthusiastic about lab work and be flexible in working with different investigators on various projects. For further information on research projects, see the following sites: and".

The position will require:
1. Working knowledge of pipetting and general laboratory techniques
2. Desire to learn a large number of biological, chemical and optical techniques
3. Participation in weekly group seminars
4. Extremely strong written and communication skills
5. Previous research experience
6. Knowledge of image/data processing is desirable
7. Interest/Exposure in animal handling will be helpful
8. Clinical interface is desired

Minimum Education Required:
Bachelor of Science in Biology, Neuroscience, Chemistry, Physics, Biomedical Engineering or related scientific field.

Potential Start Date:
May/June 2022 onwards (negotiable)

Minimum Commitment:
2 Years

If interested, send CV and cover letter to: and . CV’s and cover letters will be screened. Applicants of interest will be contacted for a phone interview. Successful phone interviews will result in an on-campus interview.

Massachusetts General Hospital and the Wellman Center for Photomedicine are Equal Opportunity Employers. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.


Equal Opportunity Employer: The MGH/Harvard/Wellman Center for Photomedicine is a committed Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. Minorities, women, handicapped, and veterans are encouraged to apply.