From its inception, Wellman Center research has focused on solving medical problems. Consequently, the Center has become one of the MGH's most prolific generators of biomedical patents and intellectual property licenses to industry. Wellman scientific discoveries of diagnostic and treatment applications have advanced to clinical use in such diverse fields as dermatology, ophthalmology, and nephrology in partnership with private companies.  Additional technology applications have been licensed for cardiology, gastroenterology, surgical repair and scar reduction, and obesity treatment and are currently in clinical studies.

Over the past several years, license agreements for Wellman intellectual property have been executed with thirteen private medical device and pharmaceutical companies.   During this time period, three start-up companies have been formed specifically to advance Wellman technology to clinical use.

The Center maintains a constantly expanding patent portfolio, a number of which are available for license. The Wellman Center welcomes inquiries. , , Kris Betres, or in the Partners Office of Research Ventures and Licensing are prepared to assist interested parties.