Boy Braaf, PhD
Research Fellow

Teresa Chen, MD
Visiting Scientist

Mohsen Erfanzadeh, PhD
Research Fellow

Yongjoo Kim, PhD
Research Fellow

Tae Shik Kim, PhD
Research Fellow

Jacqueline Namati, PhD
Administrative Director for the
Center for Biomedical OCT Research and Translation

Milen Shishkov, PhD
Senior Research Scientist
My research interests are in the area of optical probe development prototyping and manufacturing. I have developed a broad range of fiber optics based on probes catheters and endoscopes, and rotary coupling devices for use in the research activites of our group.
Oviya Thanigaivelan
Research Engineer

Yangyundou Wang, PhD
Research Fellow
My research interests are in the areas of subsampling OCT and frequency comb sources. The current focus of my work is the development a self-interference tomography (SIT) setup to improve burn and traumatic wound care.
Yong Chul Yoon
Graduate Student