Sameer Gupta
Medical Student

Zhenyu Ji, PhD
Research Fellow
I will be working in Dr. Hensin Tsao’s group as a Translational Research Fellow in Skin Cancer Biology jointly hosted by the Wellman Center and the Department of Dermatology.
Yuanyuan Kang, PhD
Research Fellow

Nikolai Klebanov
Medical Student

Raj Kumar, PhD
Research Fellow
At MGH, Wellman Center, in Dr. Tsao’s Team, my interest is to explore possible genetic and molecular mechanisms involved in the development of melanoma. I hope my endeavors in the laboratory would eventually result in clinical tools, which can help patients with chronic cancer disease.
Grace LaMuraglia
Research Technician I

David M. Miller, MD PhD FAAD
Clinical Associate

Ching-Ni (Jenny) Njauw, MS
Research Laboratory Manager
At Wellman, I assist Dr. Tsao's team on projects to study the genetics of melanoma.
Chelvi Rajadurai, MS
Research Specialist
Bobby Reddy, MD

Michael Shaughnessy
Graduate Student