Transforming scientific discovery into clinical solutions for real medical problems for real people is the third leg of the Wellman’s research mission. Traditionally, separation between research disciplines and the distinct worlds of research and clinical practice have been obstacles to translating scientific discovery to patient care. As one of the thematic centers at MGH, Wellman Center is charged with promoting and facilitating the translation of research to clinical practice.

Moving research from the bench to the bedside involves testing the efficacy of a scientific discovery using computer and/or animal models and gaining approval for its safety and efficacy in humans. This is an interative process of moving the research back and forth between the laboratory and clinical setting, as results in each setting informs the further refinement of the methods and techniques. And, it is a highly collaborative process. Success requires engaging not only scientists of different disciplines, but also experts in the regulatory process and business development, usually found within the private sector.









Before receiving treatment.

After receiving treatment.