Title Lead Inventor Case
A Novel Targeted Pesticide (MG21030)  Tayyaba Hasan 21030
Echo-oximeter Device  Guillermo Tearney 20727
Ophthalmic micro-OCT Device  Guillermo Tearney 20675
Intra-coronary Functional Measurement using an OCT Catheter  Guillermo Tearney 20369
Micrometer-Scale Tissue Mesh Expansion  Richard Anderson 03732
A New Strategy and Technique for Tissue Autografting  Michael Hamblin 03694
Adaptive Optics for Optical Coherence Tomography  Johannes de Boer 03623
Laser Therapy Device for the Selective Treatment of Atherosclerotic Plaque  Seemantini Nadkarni 03100
Cationic Fullerenes as Antimicrobial Sensitizers  Michael Hamblin 03096
Ophthalmic Imaging Device  Seok-Hyun Yun 02981
Rapid Diagnostic for Antimicrobial Resistance and Susceptibility Using a Fluorescent Biochemical Probe  Tayyaba Hasan 02749
Non-Invasive Treatment for Compartment Syndrome  Richard Anderson 02693
Method and Apparatus for Dermatologic Treatment (Line Scan and Resurfacing)  Dieter Manstein 02578
Cure for Female Stress Incontinence  Joseph Grocela 02123
Device for Real-time Tissue Identification for Needle Guidance  Guillermo Tearney 02020
Low Dose ALA Treatment of Acne  Richard Anderson 01749
Device for Selective Photocoagulation  Charles Lin 01709
Controlled Reaction Photodynamic Therapy  Richard Anderson 01701
Disposable Miniature Endoscope  Guillermo Tearney 01665
OS Wound Monitor   Guillermo Tearney 01542
Cosmetic Material to Reduce the Visibility of Wrinkles  Richard Anderson 01362