The Wellman Center occupies almost 32,000 square feet in several contiguous buildings on the main campus of the Massachusetts General Hospital. Its location within an academic medical center is an important component of its mission as a translational research center. Close proximity to clinicians in a wide variety of specialties supports collaborative clinical research and facilitates the bench-to-bedside transition of Wellman's research.

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Proximity to several renowned universities with pre-doctoral programs in the biomedical and physical sciences facilitates Wellman’s role as a training site for graduate students All Wellman faculty have Harvard Medical School (HMS) appointments. Wellman also has established a special affiliate relationship with the Health Sciences and Technology (HST) program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Students from Tufts, Boston University, Northeastern University and Dartmouth have also trained at Wellman.

The Center maintains well-equipped biochemistry, cell biology, and photochemistry laboratories and specialized facilities for diagnostic imaging and laser research. A photopathology and microscopy laboratory serves researchers requiring characterization of tissue samples and access to specialized microscopes. A recently established chemistry core will offer the specialized expertise of a synthetic chemist to consult on research projects, train post doctoral research staff, and assist investigators with chemical synthesis, purification, characterization and analysis.

A complete animal operating facility is directly adjacent to the Center. The Center’s Clinical Dermatology Applications area is dedicated to the investigation of a variety of phototherapies in skin related diseases.


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