Tissue Fixation (for paraffin embedding)

Purpose: to well preserve tissue morphology, stabilize the proteins, and prevent autolysis.

Fixative: 10% Buffered Formalin (Fisher Scientific, SF100-20)

CAUTION: Carcinogenic

Safety: Work in well ventilated area, wear goggles, gloves, and lab coat. Call Safety Officer for spills.

1. Before starting tissue collection, obtain 10% Buffered Formalin and specimen fixation containers
      (vials) from Photopath Core lab (EDW214).
2. Add adequate 10% buffered formalin into the containers for tissue fixation: the volume of fixative
      should be at least 20 times of the specimen volume.
3. Quickly trim the tissue into proper size. The optimal thickness of tissue is 3-4 mm. The maximum
      thickness is better not over 7 mm.
4. Immerse tissues into 10% % buffered formalin immediately after trimming (within 30min of
      surgical removal of tissues).
5. Bring your specimens to photopath core for subsequent processing with in a reasonable timing (if
      tissue sections will be used for IHC, better with in 24hrs).
6. When login your histology project into computer Access program, please indicate the time and the
      date when fixation started in Comments section.



Core Procedures

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Tissue fixation with Formalin (for paraffin blocks)